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About Kien Yu

Kien Yu & Co. Ltd. was founded in 1955. Illustrating tea history is like displaying a documentary of the centurial economic history of Taiwan.

Starting with exporting tea to Fuzhou in the first year of Dao Guang, then Scottish tea merchant John Dodd exported tea to the US, Formosa Oolong has gained its name in the western market since then, and was well sold in New York.

Kien Yu & Co. Ltd. and our sister company Cathay Tea Co exported millions of pounds of tea to the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, and North Africa with the conscientious effort of the founder, Roxy Lee. Discerning the market by cooperating with centurial brands such as Hälssen, TATA, and Twining and collaborating with TaiShiang, Fuyuan, and South Asiatic to achieve great success in exporting and establishing East Asia Tea Factory. 

We have perfect teamwork with our peers. From green to black, oolong to pouchong, we impressed the market and created the history.

Memorabilia of Kien Yu

1955 Yen-Tung Lee launch Kien Yu & Company, Ltd.

1988 Kien Yu be the first to join Taipei Tea Merchants Association.

1995 Start to provide material for ready-to-drink production.

1995 Start contract farming to qualify ECOCERT.

1996 Export tea to Europe.

2002 Peter Lee takes over the business.

2009 Own warehouse in Free Trade Zone.

2011 Supply for some famous bubble tea brands.

2012 Supply for famous franchise café.

2014 Guide tea farming and tea cupping.

2020 Tse-Xin organic certified, started organic contract farming in Pinglin。

2020 Export Taiwanese tea to the world, and import foreign tea and tisane.

2023 Introduced AOI organic matcha to Taiwan.

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Our Vision

The aroma spreads worldwide

As a pioneer in the industry, Kien Yu promotes tea culture with the idea of life aesthetics, naturalism& healthism, which is widely accepted in North Africa, Ara, Russia, CIS, Eastern Europe, etc.

Although there are various choices nowadays, tea still plays a main role in Taiwanese daily life. It is our grand vision to introduce Taiwanese tea to the world

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